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Choosing the Right Windows is an Investment in Your Home’s Value

A Large Variety to Suit Your Preferences
Just as selecting the right windows for your home is important for energy efficiency, so is the selection of the right doors. Choosing the right doors is an investment, for your home’s entrance directly reflects its quality and value. Let the experts at Thermal Edge Vinyl Windows Inc. help you improve your home’s curb appeal with our professional assistance in the Toronto area. We offer a large variety of doors to suit your personal preferences, including:
Casement Windows
Awning Windows
Single-Hung Tilt Windows
Double-Hung Tilt Windows
Single-Slider Tilt Windows
Double-Slider Tilt Windows
Picture Windows
Bay and Bow Windows

Casement Windows

Hinged vertically on the outside of their frames and opened like doors, casement windows offer large, unobstructed views and fresh air circulation. Other benefits of casement windows include:
  • Aesthetic appearance that fits with all architectural styles
  • Multiple-point locking systems and stainless steel hinges for higher security
  • Removable screens for easier maintenance
  • An airtight seal for weatherproofing and energy efficiency
  • Allows maximum airflow
  • 7/8” insulating glass with low-E and argon standard options available for energy efficiency
  • A flexible seal to protect against leaks and provide additional strength

Awning Windows

Hinged vertically on the outside of their frames and opened like doors, casement windows offer large, unobstructed views and fresh air circulation. Other benefits of casement windows include:
  • Maximum ventilation
  • High window placements
  • Multi-chambered frames for increased strength and insulation
  • Stainless steel components that won’t rust
  • Hidden drainage systems prevent moisture
  • Smooth and easy operation
  • Sleek operating handles
  • Dual locking systems for added security
  • Triple-sealed frames for energy efficiency and waterproofing
  • 7/8” insulated glass with low-E

Single-Hung Tilt Windows

Single-hung tilt windows offer a classic appearance and excellent ventilation. Because their top half is fixed and the lower half is hinged, you open them outwards to increase your air circulation. Other benefits include:
  • Greater energy efficiency than a double-hung style
  • Clean, contemporary appearance
  • Removable screens for unobstructed views
  • Interlocking panes for added protection from leaks and drafts
  • Tilt action allows easier maintenance

Double-Hung Tilt Windows

Double-hung tilt windows offer the perfect marriage in aesthetics and functionality. Because both panes slide up and down and are capable of tilting outwards, you can customize the amount of fresh air you want to come inside. While single-hung windows have a stationary upper pane, a double-hung tilt window offers functionality for both halves. Other benefits include:
  • Increased strength and insulation
  • A top lock for maximum security
  • Ease of operation
  • Increased energy efficiency with 7/8” insulating glass with Argon
  • Sealing systems to protect against leaks and drafts
  • Sleek, modern latches for clean interior lines

Single-Slider Tilt Windows

Single-slider tilt windows have both a fixed and a mobile section so that you can slide the window over to open up its top half for better ventilation. Benefits include:
  • Easy maintenance and fewer moving parts than other styles
  • Durability without relying upon springs or pulleys that might wear
  • Ease of operation
  • Triple-seal weather-stripping
  • 1” overlap between panes to prevent leakage
  • Glazing and flexible seals between the glass and frame on the exterior side
  • Engineered to provide proper drainage

Double-Slider Tilt Windows

Double-slider tilt windows offer a clean, sophisticated appearance and simplistic lines for improved functionality. If you have a large area that requires a large amount of airflow or a smaller space that doesn’t allow for outward projecting fixtures, this type of window is probably your best option. Featuring two movable panes and a full screen that can be removed from inside the home, other benefits of this type of window include:
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the double tilt
  • Weatherproofed and energy efficient
  • Numerous levels of ventilation
  • Unobstructed views

Picture Windows

Picture windows are ideal for seating areas because they offer a wonderful view. Whether you want a view of your backyard garden or your neighbourhood, picture windows brighten your home because they let in a lot of natural light.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay windows are similar to picture windows, in that they also let natural light stream in. However, while a picture window is fixed and typically stands alone, bay windows typically come in sets of three – usually one large window and two smaller windows. Bay windows typically allow better venting, which improves energy efficiency. While bay windows typically form a square, hexagonal or octagonal shape, bow windows usually consist of a series of casements placed together to form a curved shape.
Key Energy Efficiency Features
  • Argon gas – Because this gas is slower-moving than oxygen, it can help prevent the loss of heat in the winter or cooling in the summer when it’s placed between your window panes
  • Low E – This works to reflect sun rays in the summer and warm air from your furnace during the winter
  • Venting capabilities – Windows without venting capabilities offer an exceptional seal that can help improve your insulation and eliminate drafts and leaking
Have Questions? We’ve Got Answers
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